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Nebraska Net Taxable Sales and Use Tax Worksheets
Net Taxable Sales Worksheet
1.Gross Sales and Services in Nebraska [1-007] Line 1, Form 10

show A.Sales of nontaxable services as shown in Regulation [1-012]
B.Sales of items sold for resale as shown in Regulation [1-013]
showC.Sales to exempt purchasers as shown in Regulation [1-012]
showD.Sales of exempt items as shown in Regulation [1-012]
showE.Exempt Sellers as shown in Regulation [1-012]
showF.Use-based exemptions as shown in Regulation [1-012]
showG.Other allowable deductions. Click here for a list of allowable deductions and the applicable regulations
H.Subtotal of all allowable exemptions and deductions [A through G]

2.Net Nebraska Taxable Sales (Line 1 minus Line H) Line 2, Form 10

Nebraska Use Tax Worksheet
[Guide] [Regulation]
1.Cost of items and taxable services purchased for use in Nebraska on which tax was not paid
2.Cost of items withdrawn from inventory for personal or business use
3.Total amount subject to Nebraska use tax (line 1 plus line 2)
4.Nebraska use tax (line 3 multiplied by the rate identified on line 3 of Form 10)
5.Credit for tax paid to other states on items in line 4
6.Nebraska use tax due (line 4 minus line 5). Line 4, Form 10